This organization launches in 2015.

There are currently a great number of post-secondary courses on Mothering/Motherhood that include sociologists, feminists, anthropologists, and literature professors all teaching within the area of Mother Studies. Let’s advance the field together.

Citing the work of Andrea O’Reilly; Demeter Press, Christine Morton; Repro Network, Barbara Katz Rothman; Author & Lecturer, Martha Joy Rose; Museum of Motherhood, Laura Tropp; Author & Lecturer, Aurelie Athan; Maternal Psychology Lab & Khorai, Jocelyn Fenton Stitt; Author & Lecturer, Lynn Kuechle; Educator, and Roksana Badruddoja; Lecturer (and so many more– please JOIN so we can add your name to this list), the subjects of Motherhood, and Fatherhood have continued to expand at the university level. However, no actual degree or department of Mother Studies has materialized to date. We believe this is just a matter of time.

In 2015 Martha Joy Rose completed coursework for an individualize major at CUNY, The Graduate Center, and is believed to be the first to graduate with a master’s in Mother Studies. This gesture is aimed at encouraging others to add their names and aid in the expansion of this new and emerging field. Likewise, this web portal is meant to collect and assemble the names of individuals studying, teaching, and researching within this area.

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